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You don't feel your best and you don't know why

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

How many of you are eating "healthy" and staying active, yet you still feel like crap? Maybe you are struggling with migraines, or irregular periods, low sex drive (yeah, this is for males too), bloating, weight gain, yeast infections etc. I could go on and on. You have not got to the bottom of your issues right? Do you even know where to start? For years (since 7th grade), I struggled with hormonal issues. I had been to every doctor you can think of. Reproductive endocrinologist, regular endocrinologist, functional medicine specialist, naturopath, regular medical doctor, the name it, I have been there. NOT FUN. When the only answer I got was "take birth control", I began to do my own research. That was simply not a good enough answer for me. Some of you have probably been following me through the nutrition and fitness world for quite a long time. You might have thought I looked healthy externally in the past years that you have known me. But what you did not know about was all the internal struggles I was having. Irregular periods...and when I say irregular, I mean IRREGULAR. I had bloating, food allergies, anxiety, stress to the max. This simply was not going to be the way I lived. Many of you may know, or are learning..... my passion for health..TRUE HEALTH. This is where it starts. Fast Forward: Years later...... I found The Wellness Way. So far, this has been the only thing that makes sense to me and answered all my questions.

OK SO LETS GET INTO IT. To figure out my issues, I had to have the appropriate tests ran. How will you ever know why you are feeling like crap if you do not get complete testing done? YOU WON'T!!!!! How will you know that you are introducing inflammation into your body every day by eating that lettuce you think is so healthy.....but you're actually allergic to it? You want to get to the root cause of why you're feeling like crap? find the source of inflammation, find the gut infection, find the hormonal pathways that are not functioning optimally, find the deficiencies you have, the allergies you have, and find your source of stress. You get my drift right? You have to get tested! I did the complete DUTCH test. This is a urine, saliva, and blood test. This is a COMPLETE hormone test, looking at all things even down to the pathways in your body. I figured out that my adrenals were completely burnt out (oops). Must be the perfectionist in me. ((((LADIES, stress kills you!!!! and MEN, Sugar kills you!)))) Anyways, my estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels were all just completely not where they should be. On top of that, I was super anemic. So to say I had a long journey ahead of me, is an understatement.

LIVER- why is it so important for hormones? Through the liver, toxins go from fat soluble to water soluble so that we can excrete them. If we don't excrete them, they are recirculated through out the body, stored in our brain and even fat tissue. And yes, the liver can get "backed up". You need many things to help the conversion process. Tackling liver health was one of my main goals as it was a problem area for me and for many others!

For some of you who are wondering what to do next when you can not get to the root cause of why you're gaining weight, losing weight, feeling like crap, schedule your appointment. Do not set yourself up for failure!

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