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What is the purpose of testing your food allergies?

Happy Tuesday!!

I have had a lot of questions about food allergy testing lately so I thought I would dive in and answer some!

When I test a person's food allergies, it is not because I just want to know what they are allergic to. There are many symptoms and signs that a person may present with that key me in on the fact that an allergy test may need to be performed. Some of these things are:

-Autoimmune conditions

-Chronic joint pain that will not go away

-inability to lose weight

-Bloating and other gut issues (constipation, diarrhea, etc)

-Hormone issues or infertility (yes, foods can play a role in this)

-Heart burn, acid reflux, constant clearing of the throat or coughing


-Brian fog

-Overall inflammation

-Poor immune system function

- Sinus problems


-Mood swings

-Canker sores



-Dark circles under eyes


How do food allergies have so much to do with all of these things?

What information can I get from seeing your food allergies?

The amount of food allergies that come back on your results form tell me a lot about the kind of shape your immune system barriers are in. Do you have a ton that come back on your list? If so.....then lets explore your stomach acid levels. Stomach acid is needed to sterilize!!! This is essential! If this process does not happen, then you can expect that you are going to be demanding more work from the gallbladder and pancreas, as well as the rest of your intestines. Stomach acid is a protective barrier.

You need this to sterilize viruses, foods, etc. If you do not have enough, it's a bad day!

Where is your gut lining functioning? Do you have foods leaking through causing all of your symptoms? Causing an immune response? ( and yes, this does cause an immune response. They are NOT just "sensitivities")

These are things I see on a food allergy test.

Is it enough to avoid your food allergies? NO! It is incredibly important to reverse the reason why you have a food allergy at all. If you have multiple food allergies, there is a reason. It is my job to guide you, and help you to reach your best self.

The important thing in anything you do is to follow through! Get your food allergy test done, avoid them! If you are looking to reverse the reason you are feeling all of the above symptoms.....then you have to make a choice to better your health and follow through!

Restoring your health is a journey. It did not take a day to become sick, and it takes a little bit of time to be healthy again!

It is possible!!

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